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Mary Turner Lane

The Association for Women Faculty and Professionals invites nominations for the Mary Turner Lane Award, which recognizes a woman who has made an outstanding contribution to the lives of women on the UNC-Chapel Hill campus.”Outstanding contribution” is interpreted broadly, touching all areas of the lives of women, including students, faculty, staff, and administrators, on our campus. It includes, but is not limited to, achievements that enhance women’s lives through the following: scholarship, teaching, leadership, health services, social services, political activism, professional advancement, program development, and staff support.

Nominees must be active employees of the university at the time the nomination is made; employees who are in phased retirement are eligible

About the award

The award, established in 1986, is named to honor Mary Turner Lane, founding director of the Curriculum in Women’s Studies and the first recipient of the award. Sadly, Mary Turner Lane passed away in 2009.

Past Recipients

2019  Clare Counihan
2018  Margot B. Stein
2017  Lanier Brown May
2016  Jackie Overton
Fall 2015  Connie Eble
Spr. 2015  Dr. Marcey Waters
2014  Lynn Williford
2013  Jacquelyn Dowd Hall
2012  Catherine Marshall
2011  Adaora Adimora
2010  Etta Pisano
2009  Laurie McNeil
2008  Elmira Mangum
2007  Jan Boxill
2006  Diane Kjervik
2005  Bernadette Gray-Little
2004  Linda Dykstra
2003  Sue Estroff
2002  Anne Dellinger
*  Marsha Collins
*  Noelle Granger
1997  Laurie Charest
1996  Jane Brown
*  Carol Reuss
1994  Barbara Harris
*  Margaret Anne O’Connor
1992  Laura Gasaway
1991  Beverly Whitaker Long
1990  Shirley Weiss
1988  Judith Wegner
*  Mary Ellen Jones
*  Patricia Wallace
1986  Mary Turner Lane
    *date unknown